Features and benefits of expanded metal mesh

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UBO has collected some Features and benefits of expanded metal mesh for your reference.The following are contributed by some wire mesh companies.

Expanded metal mesh has a diverse range of properties, which makes it so versatile and appealing for many uses and applications throughout industry. Here are some of the key strengths of expanded metal mesh:

The mesh is formed from a single piece of metal Which means that there is nothing to work loose, no fretting strands or strained joins or welds. This makes expanded mesh ideal for forming and beneficial to further processing such as pressing and shearing.  The strength of mesh makes it valuable for use in multiple components.

The process is not wasteful of material The expanding process involves slitting and stretching the metal to create holes rather than punching them out.  This gives you cost savings, especially compared to other metal processing methods. For example, when perforating metals, all of the holes you see are wasted and must be paid for by you.  Expanding metals is a traditional method, which complies with modern green engineering standards.

Higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal Test results are available from extensive research carried out with the University of Teesside to validate the strength to weight ratios of Expanded metal meshes.  Hard to believe but tested and true.  By expanding metal from its solid sheet form additional strength is added.  This makes mesh ideal for catwalks, ramps, walkways and platforms.  The uncut knuckles of expanded mesh withstand stress better than welds or joints.

Anti-slip surface The knuckles formed by expanding mesh give sound grip underfoot, particularly beneficial when used in stairtreads, ramps and walkways.  We have also developed a range of specific anti-slip walkway meshes.

Excludes and retains simultaneously Mesh acts as a barrier for security and storage. For example, our meshes are excellent for grain storage as they allow the circulation of air but keep vermin out.  Our Securilath range prevents illegal access through walls and partitions whilst strengthening the area it covers.  

Premium reinforcement properties Expanded metal mesh can be combined with other materials to give products added strength.  For example, glass, plastics and other composites can be either incorporated into, or attached to, meshes for increased strength and security purposes or aesthetics.

Practical and effective screening Taking a sample of mesh and looking through at various angles best illustrates the visual properties of expanded metal meshes.  Wide strand meshes are used in architectural solar screens on the exterior of buildings and throughout interiors for decorative grilles.

High efficient conductor Electricity, magnetic flux and heat can all flow through expanded metal mesh, as there is a continuous connection throughout each sheet.  There are no breaks or welds because the mesh has been formed from a single piece of metal.

Super corrosion resistance When suitably coated, expanded metal performs better than woven and welded mesh due to jointless continuity of mesh.  Our mesh is ideal for use with industrial acids as in electroplating baskets and in seawater for fish cages and lobster pots.

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