Double flow rate nozzle

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Double flow rate nozzle, which is composed of water, water cap cap seat buckle in the seat of the water in the water, the cap cap, which are arranged in the water pipe to strengthen the skeleton at the lower end of the cap seat. The upper end of the water conduit cap seat central Water Leakage port connected in strengthening at the middle part is provided with a cylindrical skeleton frame, the straight tube frame and lower openings of the water cap seat is provided with a Water Leakage relative to the mouth, along the straight Water Leakage spool cylinder frame floating in the water cap seat Water Leakage mouth at. The water cap can slow down the flow rate of the filtered water through the leakage valve core structure, and can also guarantee the velocity of the backwash water, thereby enhancing the effect of water treatment and backwashing.

Implementation of HB2003-4 standard of China electric power association.

Stainless steel water cap is widely used in water treatment equipment, such as filter and ion exchanger. It has the following advantages: 1, high strength, high precision, small gap error; 2, smooth surface, less wear on resin or catalyst, not easy to plug. 3. Easy to wash and clean. 4, long service life, easy installation, maintenance, light weight, more economical and other advantages. It has gradually replaced the traditional ABS water cap because of its good corrosion resistance and filtration and separation function.

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