Application of the wedge wire screen water distributor

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UBO wedge wire water distributors are widely used in ion exchange equipment, media filters, sand filters, resin tanks, silicate filters, and tank equipment in the chemical industry and water treatment industries.
The water distributor is divided into a central water distributor, a header lateral distributor, and an import and export screen basket. We provide water distributors that allow designers to design a homogeneous liquid flow for various sizes and shapes of containers, flowing through the processing media at various flow rates.
The water distributor is mainly composed of a plurality of wire-wound branches of a mother tube (central tube), and an excellent collection and distribution process is achieved by adjusting the size, type, and distribution number of the branch tubes. Winbond Filter Dispenser distributes and collects liquids or gases that need to be treated evenly and efficiently.
Material: 304, 321, 316, 316L, , etc.

Our Wedge Wire V wrap wire screens are manufactured using the world's most advanced full-wound production process, using special trapezoid (wedge) wire windings welded on a circumferentially arranged set of longitudinal support bars.
Due to the adoption of full-process welding, not only is the product's strict continuous integrity guaranteed, but it also creates the ideal gap size. Compared to the welding processes commonly used in the country, we produce water filters, water filter nozzle, water distributors, resin traps, and wedge wire sieve plates with a smooth tube surface, no production edges, no burrs, and no gaps. Features. All production processes are produced by professional production staff using sophisticated and professional equipment.

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