washable melt filter element

Product Code: 2581
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:stainless steel
Properties:sintered filter
Application:used in chemical fiber industry,disk filter elements for polyester and film industry

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Description of washable melt filter element

washable melt filter element

washable Melt filter element is manufactured by special technology using 100% stainless steel fibers. AS a new type of porous body material, it possesses not only superior functions of filtration,permeability, high specific surface area and capillary, but also the advantages such as excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength.

washable Melt filter element is used in chemical fiber industry,disk filter elements for polyester and film industry

Filter Introduction :
All kinds of washable melt filter elements, disk filter elements produced by using imported sintered stainless steel fibre felts are suitable for filtrating polymer melts, have the ability to withstand high pressure,high dirt holding capacity, long using life, also can be cleaned repeatedly. they are good spare parts for petroleum,chemcial , chemcial fibr ,polyster and film industries.

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Specification of the washable melt filter element

Operating pressure(Max):P=30Mpa
Operating temperature(max:)T=300°c
Dirt holding capacity:16.9-41mg/cm²
Initial differential pressure(Max:)P=10mpa

Production And Sales of washable melt filter element

Features & Benefits
• Stable pore shapes
• High permeability
• Low pressure drop
• High dirt-holding capacity (longer lifetime)
• High temperature resistance
• High differential pressure with stand capacity
• Strong corrosion resistant
• Back flushing

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