Titanium powder sintering filter pipe B265

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Description of Titanium powder sintering filter pipe B265

Titanium powder sintering filter pipe 

Titanium Porous Metal Technology

The TPM filter series are porous titanium filters designed forapplications involving heat, gases, aggressive chemicals,cryogenics or polymers
Made from titanium powder, they are sintered to form rugged, fixed pore filters made to withstand temperature extremes, high pressures and repeated cleaning/backwash cycles
There are no longitudinal seams, allowing for improved mechanical strength and corrosion resistance
They are produced in a range of configurations and micron ratings to perform in a variety of liquid and gas applications.

Filter Features– Benefits

Constructed entirely of sintered titanium powder– Offers high corrosion resistance
Cleanable/Backwashable – Allows for re-use – Maximum economy
High Temperature Sintering– No media migration
Various gasket/O-Ring materials and configurations– Easily retrofits most systems
Filter Specifications
Materials Media: Titanium
End caps: Titanium
Gasket/O-Rings EPR, Buna-N, Viton, Teflon
Encapsulated Viton O-Rings

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Specification of the Titanium powder sintering filter pipe B265

filtering level filtration precision  um maximum diameter um permeability coefficient 10-12m2 permeability
thickness mm compression strength
T9 0.2 2.5
1.5 0.6-20 3
T8 0.5 4
3 0.6-20 3
T7 1 6
5 0.6-20 3
T6 2 10
15 0.6-20 3
T5 5 15 0.04 40 0.6-20 2.5
T4 10 30 0.15 120 0.6-20 2.5
T3 20 60 1.01 250 0.6-20 2.5
T2 30 100 2.01 500 0.6-20 2.5
T1 50 160 3.02 800 0.6-20 2.5

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