Titanium Sintered Filter Tube

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Description of Titanium Sintered Filter Tube

Titanium Sinter Filter Tube


Main performance

Titanium filter (including the tube and plate) is based on industrial high-pure titanium powder (99.4%) as raw material, sub-screen, after cold isostatic pressing, high temperature, high vacuum micro-sintered filter elements. Thus the composition of titanium plates and special high-tech materials in its forming process, it has a unique excellent properties: 

1) uniform pore size, pore shape and stability, high separation efficiency. 

2) high porosity, filtration resistance, permeability and high efficiency. 

3) high temperature, 280 degrees in the (wet) the following normal use. 

4) chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance (PH2-12), have antioxidant properties. 

5) no particle shedding, not to form a liquid secondary pollution, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements. 

6) good mechanical properties, low differential pressure, flow, filtration can filter press can be easy to operate. 

7) anti-microbial ability, not with micro-organisms play a role. 

8) available online renewable, easy to clean, long life (usually several times for the membrane filter)

9) the molding process is good, overall length up to 1000 mm without welding.

10) non-magnetic non-toxic, and with human tissue and have a good blending of blood, was the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and widely used in water treatment industry.



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Specification of the Titanium Sintered Filter Tube

Specification model

Diameter: Ф22mm Ф30mm Ф50mm Ф60mm Ф80mm Ф100mm Ф120mm

Length: L125 L250 L300 L500 L600 L750 L1000 (can be customized on request)
Thickness: 1mm can be more than (other specifications available on request processing)
Filtration: 1 micron 0.22 micron 0.45 micron 3 micron 5 micron
30 micron 10 micron 50 micron 20 micron
80 microns 100 microns 120 microns

Titanium plate

Diameter: (mm) Ф6, 10,15,20,30,50 Ф100 Ф150 Ф200 Ф250 Ф300

Thickness :2-5 mm

Filtration: 1 micron 0.22 micron 0.45 micron 3 micron 5 micron
30 micron 10 micron 50 micron 20 micron
80 microns 100 microns

Production And Sales of Titanium Sintered Filter Tube

Package: in wood case

Delivery Time:5-25 days

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