Sintered Metal Filters For pnumatic system

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Description of Sintered Metal Filters For pnumatic system

Sintered Metal Filters For pnumatic system

UBO supplies full series spherical bronze powder filter/muffler

UBO have reached high level of specialization and equipped to manufacture Porous  Filter in stainless steel, bronze and brass wire and in bronze & stainless steel powder. Which filters could offer solutions for all types of requirements. Main function of filtering liquids which including: a. damping discharge noise emitted by pneumatic equipment ; b. acting as flame-cutters ; c. absorbing gas and liquid spills ; d.protecting measuring equipment ; e. separating two liquids with different surface tension. When a high level of resistance to oxidation or to high temperatures is not necessary or for more complicated shaped filters, the use of sintered bronze powder filters is recommended.

UBO have deep technology and powerful production strength. Equipped with many special equipments. Our main products are: Bronze Agglomeration Filter parts, filter element, silencer (SS and sintered one), Noise-Elimination Exhaust throttle and so on.

We are also developing new products: Polyethylene-plastic hip, high definition filter chip(filter presion is around 0.1um, it's useful to filter bacteria.

Those products are widely used in water, air, oil snd all the filteration noiseless. They are good at clearing air, water and oil.

Specification of the Sintered Metal Filters For pnumatic system


Sintering gives the high porosity material its shape-stability and properties of a strong metal component. Sintered bronze product has a unique structure shows that the grain boundaries run over the original particle boundaries. The pores after the sintering process are mechanically fixed with respect to both size and position. Porosity, size and shape are the determining factor in producing sintered bronze product.
The most common use is sintered filter elements in hydraulic and pneumatic industry.


Individual spherically shaped bronze powder packed into moulds then sintering together, forming a product of bronze having a defined porosity with excellent strength.


Controlled porosity                           3-dimensional filtration
Good corrosion resistance               High dirt holding capacity
Superior mechanical strength          Comparatively low cost

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