Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube

Product Code: 2571
Category:Sintered Metal Mesh Filter
Properties:sintered filter
Application:It is mainly applied to filter kinds of air and liquid

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Description of Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube

Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube

Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube Summary
This type of mesh is sintered together by many layers of plain-woven square mesh. Owing to the large opening ratio, the sintered mesh possesses good permeability, small resistance but large flow. It is mainly applied to filter kinds of air and liquid. It can be made according to the customer’s request because every layer of mesh is alternative.

Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube Material
The standard materials are SUS304(AISI304),SUS316(AISI316) ,SUS316L(AISI316L).
Special Alloy Steel Hastelloy ,Monel ,Inconel are acceptable base on customer's requirement .

Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube Size
The standard sizes are 500x1000mm ,600x1200mm and 1000x1000mm,1200x1200mm. Any size within the above range could be made according to the customer’s request.

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Specification of the Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube

Table of Technical Parameters

Model Structure Filter rating (u) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m2) Porosity%
B2-0.5T Filter layer+60 2—100 0.5 1.6 60
B3-0.7T 60+Filter layer+60 2—100 0.7 2.4 56
B3-1.0T 50+Filter layer+20 20—200 1.0 3.3 58
B3-2.0T Filter layer+20+8.5 20—250 2.0 6.5 58
B4-1.0T 60+Filter layer+40+20 2—200 1.0 4.4 44
B4-1.7T 40+Filter layer+20+16 2—200 1.7 6.2 54
B5-1.9T 30+Filter layer+60+20+16 2—200 1.9 5.3 52
B5-2.5T 80+Filter layer+30+10+8.5 2—200 2.5 8.8 55
B7-2.0T 50+Filter layer+40+20+40+Filter layer+50 2—150 2.0 7.4 58

Production And Sales of Sand-proofing Sintered Filter Tube


1. The filtration layer is decided by the customer as long as the Filter rating is within our specified range.
2. We can also make the mesh with other special structures requested by the customer.
3. The porosity takes that of 20mesh as criteria.

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