5 Layered Sintered Mesh Filter

Product Code: 2596
Category:Sintered Metal Mesh Filter
Material:Stainless steel of 316/316L, 304/304L, 310.
Properties:sintered filter
Application:Gas and liquid filtration, solid catalyst recovery, filtration of slurry oil and other

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Description of 5 Layered Sintered Mesh Filter

sintered mesh filter tube

sintered mesh filter cartridge

The five-layer sintered wire mesh filter cartridge is a commonly used and standardized type of sintered metal mesh filter. Sintering is the process that improves the characteristics of woven wire mesh by bonding the contact points of all wires together, creating a securely fused mesh structure. The five-layer sintered mesh filter cartridge has evolved into an integrated porous material with enhanced mechanical strength, high permeability, and improved structural integrity.

Features and Benefits:

Steady filter rating under high pressure: This type of filter cartridge maintains a consistent filtration rating even when subjected to high-pressure conditions.

High mechanical strength: The bonded wires in the sintered mesh provide increased strength, ensuring durability and longevity.

Easy to be welded, sheared, punched into various shapes: The versatility of this type of filter cartridge allows for easy customization to fit specific requirements or applications.

Good capability of corrosion and abrasion resistance: Due to its construction, the five-layer sintered wire mesh offers excellent resistance against corrosion and abrasion from harsh substances or environments.

Easy to wash; can be reused multiple times: The design facilitates easy cleaning processes while allowing for repeated use without compromising performance.

sintered mesh filter


sintered mesh filter cartridge

Five-layer sintered mesh structural drawing, two reinforcing layers and one protective layer contribute stable filtering precision, good strength and easy backwashing.


Filter cartridge types made by 5 layer sintered wire mesh

With the advantages of the bend screen geometry, they are used in different applications as a filtering element. For example, in mining applications, The main types of the cylindrical wedge wire screens are:


sintered mesh filter cartridgesintered mesh filter discpowder sintered mesh filter


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Specification of the 5 Layered Sintered Mesh Filter

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