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Wedge Wire Support Grids: Precision Engineering for Enhanced Industrial Filtration

The wedge wire internal wedge wire support grid stands as a linchpin in industrial filtration, intricately designed to bolster stability and finesse within reactors and tower internals. This fusion of welded wedge wire support rods, and metal grates champions precise filtration while staunchly supporting bed media, curbing costly losses and ensuring operational efficiency.

Primarily a guardian of stability and functionality, the wedge wire internal support grid deftly shoulders static and dynamic loads in diverse industrial processes. Its significance amplifies where valuable media resides within reactors, demanding astute design to secure and retain these critical materials. Flexibility is key; custom dimensions tailored to customer specifications or media particle sizes underscore its adaptability.

wedge wire internal support grid sales

The support grid isn’t merely an accessory but an indispensable fixture in reactors, sieves, and diverse media bed applications. It serves a dual purpose: fortifying the dead load (weight of the bed) and live load, blending precise wire and slot spacing to craft a protective screen that safeguards against irksome media losses. Its design intricacies are paramount, safeguarding valuable media during operational fervor.

Wedge Wire Support Grids aren’t off-the-shelf commodities; they're bespoke engineering marvels.

The design blueprint must meticulously balance mechanical support for design loads, handpicking the right wire type and slot sizes to ensure the correct open area meets pressure drop prerequisites. Moreover, these grids are assembled in segments to fit through vessel manways, employing bolting bars, bearing bars, and banding bars to weave a sturdy framework for wires and rods. Every component, from the minutest wire to the longest bolting bar, is calibrated to withstand design loads, averting any risk of collapse or malfunction. Slot sizes are tailor-made to meet the client's specific requirements.


These wedge wire screen support grids prove instrumental in fostering uniform flow collection. Their versatility finds resonance in carbon filters, desulfurizers, molecular sieves, gas sweeteners, and lauter tuns, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency across diverse industrial processes.

support grid for carbon filters desulfurized

The precision-engineered wedge wire support grids exemplify the intersection of functionality and finesse, safeguarding valuable media while optimizing industrial filtration processes. Their role as stalwart guardians of stability and filtration precision remains unparalleled, heralding a new era of efficiency in industrial applications.


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