Industry Filter Nozzle Types

YUBO offers an extensive range of sand filter nozzles, media nozzles, and gravity filter nozzles suitable for diverse applications such as Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP), industrial wastewater treatment, ion exchange filters, resin traps, and swimming pool filters.

What is a water filter Nozzle or Distributor?

A nozzle or distributor is a crucial filter strainer to prevent granular media used in filtration or purification from escaping the tank or vessel. Its unique structure allows for the placement of more filter media than conventional slotted tubes, accommodating multiple layers of gravel. These nozzles, commonly made from materials like stainless steel, PVC plastic, ABS, or Kynar, are pivotal in retaining filter media within the container.


Here, I would like to recommend the wedge wire filter nozzle. Why is more popular than plastic nozzles? Please click this blog.

Stainless steel vs plastic water filter nozzle.

Wedge Wire Nozzles:

Wedge wire nozzles, featuring V-shaped profiles on different support profiles, are essential components used for filtration or distribution in various water treatment applications.

Types of Wedge Wire Nozzles for Different Industries:

Single Head & Double Head Nozzle Type: Utilized for backwash water filtration, gravity and pressure filter tanks, ion exchange filter beds, and other water distribution filtration systems.

Long Handle Filter nozzle Type: Employed in air-water backwash distribution systems in filters.

Flat Plate Flow Rating filter nozzle Type: Applied in the treatment of drinking water, beverages, printing and dyeing, swimming pools, and various industrial water treatments. Also suitable for industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treatment projects.

Types of Wedge Wire Nozzles for Different Industrie

The versatility of wedge wire nozzles lies in their various types and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of filtering applications. Depending on specific requirements, one can choose the appropriate type.

If you are also considering customizing wedge wire nozzles, you can refer to this blog: choose right filter nozzle.

Why Choose YUBO wedge wire screen nozzle manufacturer?


YUBO, as a leading wedge wire nozzles manufacturer in China, offers comprehensive solutions, including:

Design: Professional product design services tailored to factors like flow, slot size, and application equipment.

Product Production: Three complete Johnson screen production lines ensuring batch product capacity.

Quality Inspection Service: Thorough quality inspections conducted on products, accompanied by third-party quality inspection reports.


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