wire wrapped continuous slot water well screen

Product Code: 2414
Category:Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders
Material:stainless steel 304,316,316l,320,Hastelloy C
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:oil well , water well , geothermal well , sewage and industrial wastewater disposal plants, food equipment, liquids filtration,cleaning treatment

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Description of wire wrapped continuous slot water well screen

Wire-wrapped continuous slot water well screens are commonly used in water wells due to their effectiveness and versatility. These screens are specifically designed and customized for each project, as no single screen type is suitable for all wells.

A well screen is an essential component of many water wells as it helps maintain a consistent water supply from the aquifer and ensures the long-term operation of the well.

The wire-wrapped continuous slot water well screen, also known as continuous slot or wire-wrap screen, is manufactured by wrapping a shaped wire around longitudinal rods using resistance welding. Stainless steel is often preferred over carbon steel to avoid accelerated corrosion issues.

These screens serve as sand-retaining devices that prevent gravel-pack sand from entering the pipe while allowing production fluids to flow into the well. Compared to normal slotted tubes, the inflow area of a wire-wrapped screen with the same opening size can be 30 times larger, which extends its lifespan.

Applications of continuous slot water well screens include:

1. Gravel packs and stand-alone operations: Ideal for maintaining sandless production in both vertical and horizontal wells.

2. Casing and open-eye environments: Suitable for installations where loose or unstable materials need support while allowing efficient water entry.

Well screens are particularly useful when drilling through aquifers composed of loose or unstable material. They prevent rock fragments from entering the well, provide structural stability to the walls, and facilitate the proper flow of groundwater into the wellbore.

Choosing the right type of screen along with the appropriate length enhances a well's efficiency and productive life. Wire-wrapped screens feature a continuous slot construction made by wrapping and welding wires around vertical rods. The elongated triangle shape allows particles that do penetrate through to pass without getting stuck inside.

It's important to note that not all residential wells drilled in bedrock require a well screen. Well contractors have expertise in selecting suitable screens according to specific requirements or you can opt for custom wedge wire water well screens from exporters like YUBO, a trusted wedge wire water well screen exporter based in China.

Overall, wire-wrapped continuous slot water well screens offer reliable performance and are tailored to meet the unique needs of each water well project.

Specification of the wire wrapped continuous slot water well screen

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