Wedge wire column strainer Hastelloy

Product Code: 2521
Category:Water Strainer & Nozzle
Material:stainless steel 304,316,316l,320
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:oil well , water well , geothermal well , sewage and industrial wastewater disposal plants, food equipment, liquids filtration,cleaning treatment

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Description of Wedge wire column strainer Hastelloy

SS wire filter nozzle is formed by welding wire(cross section is wedge)through a special welding technology welded on the support wire, use Special equipment for resistance welding, high welding strength, uniform gap, strong corrosion resistance, effective filter area, high penetration efficiency, simple structure, minimum aperture 25μm, arbitrarily chosen by the customer.

Features of SS wire filter nozzle for water treatment

High mechanical strength, can withstand greater pressure
Uniform aperture, form uniform filter cake, beneficial backwash regeneration
Wedge-shaped filter gap, improve backwash regeneration capacity
High pressure, high temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, available for many types liquid.
Almost two-dimensional filter, without particle accumulation, can gather energy when backwash, good backwash effect.

Application of SS wire filter nozzle for water treatment

Nozzles can be used for liquid/solid or gas/solid separation, or media retention (sand, catalyst, resin).The nozzles are mounted on a support plate. The dimensions and the distribution of the nozzles on the support plate can be altered to obtain an optimized flow distribution.

Wedge wire column strainer Hastelloy

Specification of the Wedge wire column strainer Hastelloy

No. (mm)TYPE OD
Support wire Number Filter direction
1 SRD25.4 25.4 18.6 12 FOTI
2 SRD 33 33 24 8 FOTI
3 SRD 37 37 28 8 FOTI
4 SRD 40 40 31 8/10 FOTI/FITO
5 SRD 45 45 36 10/12 FOTI/FITO
6 SRD 48 48 38 12 FOTI/FITO
7 SRD 60 60 51 12 FOTI/FITO
8 SRD 70 70 61 12/18 FOTI/FITO
9 SRD 85 85 76 18 FOTI/FITO

Wedge wire column strainer Hastelloy

Production And Sales of Wedge wire column strainer Hastelloy

Packaging Detail: carton
Delivery Detail: a month


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