Stainless Steel Microporous Membrane Filter

Product Code: 2479
Category:Cylinder Filter
Material:stainless steel 304/316L
Properties:stainless steel filter
Application:medicine,chemical industry,electron,beverage,fruit wine,biochemical water treatment,environmental protection etc.

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Description of Stainless Steel Microporous Membrane Filter

Stainless Steel Microporous Membrane Filter

Technology parameter

Entrance and exit connection type: flange connection,fast installation joint connection,threaded connection

Filter precision(um): 0.1,0.2,0.45,1-60

Filter capacity (t/h): 0.5-100

Filter element length (mm): 250-1000

Working pressure (Mpa): 0.1-0.6

Temperature range(°C): 1-80

Series microporous filter could filter the vast majority of particles, so widely apply to fine filter and degerming technology.

Ubo is specialized in producing and distributing stainless steel filter elements,filter element, filter disc, sintered  filter,filter strainer,polymeric filter,basket filter, wire mesh filter,wedge wire screen.

Specification of the Stainless Steel Microporous Membrane Filter

Filter element number per filter cartridge:1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,21

Folding filter element length:10,20,30, 40

Filter element material: polypropylene, gather four ethylene, acetate fabric

Filtration bore diameter(um): 0.1,0.22,1,3,5,10

Filter element including hydrophobic property (apply to gas) and hydrophily (apply to liquid), select and use according to customer’s need

Production And Sales of Stainless Steel Microporous Membrane Filter

Packaging Detail: Standard packaging or as per customers requirment
Delivery Detail: Delivery Detail: According to the case
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