Hydrophilic nylon cartridge filter

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Category:Cylinder Filter
Properties:filter cartridge
Application:Applied in biological pharmaceutical field, eye drops, diagnostic reagents etc

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Description of Hydrophilic nylon cartridge filter

Nylon Filter Cartridge Description


As one of the most widely used filter cartridges, the nylon filter cartridge excels in its simple and quick use, large gas flux, high particle retention rate, excellent temperature resistance, good acid resistance, anti-aging, non-stick, non-combustible, non-toxic, and good biocompatibility. So the nylon filter cartridge is widely used in the filtration of strong alkalis, weak acids, and organic solvents.


Nylon filter Cartridge Key Advantage


The nylon filter cartridge is hydrophilic, resistant to alkali but not acid, and is not easily corroded in ketones, phenols, ethers, and high molecular weight alcohols. Can withstand most organic solvents and most alkaline solutions, especially suitable for the filtration of alkaline solutions.


Applications of Nylon Filter Cartridges


1. The nylon filter cartridge is mainly used for the filtration of mobile phases and samples in chromatographic analysis.

2. Liquid clarification, sterilization filtration, and particle filtration.

3. Sterilized by high pressure, ethylene oxide, and other means.

4. During use, select the appropriate filter based on the sample being filtered.

5. Work in the clarification of security filtration and air sterilization of general liquid

6. Widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation, and sterility testing.

Here are some other occasions that nylon filter cartridges could be involved:

1. Scientific research.

2. Medical and health.

3. Nanotechnology, environmental protection.

4. Biochemistry, food, energy, and microelectronics industry.

5. Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage.

6. Ultrapure water terminal filtration

7. Filtration of panel photoresists, organic solvents, etc.

Specification of the Hydrophilic nylon cartridge filter


nylon filter cartridge

Nylon filter cartridges are available in different grades to answer the needs of a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverage. High Purity Nylon and plus+ Nylon filter cartridge media also provide excellent particulate retention and cleanliness for a variety of applications.



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