Hydraulic Filter Element

Product Code: 2004
Category:Cylinder Filter
Material:Stainless steel 302,304,304L,316,316L
Properties:stainless steel filter
Application:Filtration in Oil,Chemical,Pharmacy Industry

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Description of Hydraulic Filter Element

Product Name: Hydraulic Filter Replacement Elements for Oil

Product Code: Metal Filter 

Material: Stainless steel woven wire mesh, sintered wire mesh 

Features: Made from single-layer or multi-layer woven wire mesh or sintered wire mesh,hydraulic filter elements have different layer numbers of wire mesh and different mesh counts depending on the work and application conditions. The pressure applied is high and the surface has a straight line and no burr. Hydraulic filter elements for replacement have a refined filtration accuracy and long service life for industrial lubrication, filter of crude oil, refined filter in the distillation, absorption, evaporation and other filtering processes. This filter element is supplied in a number of models and specifications for the replacement convenience and quick installation with small initial pressure drop and long cleaning cycle.

Specification of the Hydraulic Filter Element

Filtering accuracy (μ m): 2-200 micron 
Rated flow: 80-200L/min
Work pressure: 0.8MPa
Temperature: 70-95 ℃
Filter media: SS304, 316 stainless steel wire mesh

Hydraulic filter elements are classified into several types due to the function, including in-line hydraulic filter, suction strainers and in-tank hydraulic filters. They vary in size, shape and function depending on where they occur in the hydraulic filter system.

These filter elements can be manufactured to fit your existing application and filter housing.

Production And Sales of Hydraulic Filter Element

Metal filters are designed from three basic materials: wire cloth, expanded metal and perforated metal. Each material has its own flow rates and individual characteristics making it a “best fit” for particular engineering requirements. For example, perforated metals can be selected with round holes, square holes, or any other shape required based on size and or shape of the particulate that needs to be strained or filtered. Expanded metal and perforated metal filters offer superior rigidity and durability to wire cloth filters. For filters that require intricate bends and pleats to achieve proper performance characteristics, and where durability is less of a concern, wire cloth filters in mesh ranges from 2 x 2 to 5 micron mesh are the clear choice. 

Metal Filter Materials
Wire cloth filters, expanded metal filters, and perforated metal filters can be designed and manufactured using the a wide range of materials:

Aluminum Filters 
Brass Filters 
Bronze Filters 
Carbon Steel Filters 
Copper Filters 
Galvanized Steel Filters 
Monel Filters 
Stainless Steel Filters 
Stainless Steel 304 Filters 
Stainless Steel 316 Filters 

In some applications, filter design requires a mix of materials for support or to develop a protective underlying or outer structure of expanded or perforated metal or a coarser mesh that guards delicate pleated interior components.

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