Steel mesh filter disc

Product Code: 2045
Category:Disc Filters
Material:steel wire mesh
Properties:filter disc
Application:used for the production of polyester fibers and monofilament, plastic extrusion, auto, spray equipment, etc.

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Description of Steel mesh filter disc

steel mesh filter disc

Material: stainless steel wire mesh

Weaving: Plain weave, twill weave, Dutch weave

Filter disc specification 

Round shape

Diameter 44 to 600mm

toroidal shape

Inner diameter 18mm to 250mm, outer diameter 50-350mm

Rectangular shape

Width 50mm to 100mm, length 60mm to 400mm

The steel mesh filter disc enjoys the performance of resistant to acid, alkali, temperature, abrasion etc.

Applications: Mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, food stuff, wine and water treatment etc.

Specification of the Steel mesh filter disc

Filtration rate(μm) BPP
 Air Permeability
Dirt Holding Capacity
3 12300 9 0.35 975 65 6.40
5 7600 34 0.34 600 78 5.47
7 5045 57 0.27 600 72 6.47
10 3700 100 0.32 600 77 7.56
15 2470 175 0.37 600 80 7.92
20 1850 255 0.49 750 81 12.44
25 1480 320 0.61 1050 79 19.38
30 1235 455 0.63 1050 79 23.07
40 925 580 0.66 1200 77 25.96
60 630 1000 0.70 750 87 33.97

Production And Sales of Steel mesh filter disc

Metal filters are designed from three basic materials: wire cloth, expanded metal and perforated metal. Each material has its own flow rates and individual characteristics making it a “best fit” for particular engineering requirements. For example, perforated metals can be selected with round holes, square holes, or any other shape required based on size and or shape of the particulate that needs to be strained or filtered. Expanded metal and perforated metal filters offer superior rigidity and durability to wire cloth filters. For filters that require intricate bends and pleats to achieve proper performance characteristics, and where durability is less of a concern, wire cloth filters in mesh ranges from 2 x 2 to 5 micron mesh are the clear choice. 

Metal Filter Materials
Wire cloth filters, expanded metal filters, and perforated metal filters can be designed and manufactured using the a wide range of materials:

Aluminum Filters 
Brass Filters 
Bronze Filters 
Carbon Steel Filters 
Copper Filters 
Galvanized Steel Filters 
Monel Filters 
Stainless Steel Filters 
Stainless Steel 304 Filters 
Stainless Steel 316 Filters 

In some applications, filter design requires a mix of materials for support or to develop a protective underlying or outer structure of expanded or perforated metal or a coarser mesh that guards delicate pleated interior components.

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