SPL filter packs

Product Code: 2132
Category:Filter Cloth Packs
Material:Stainless steel 304
Properties:filter cloth packs
Application:Filtration in Oil,Chemical,Pharmacy Industry

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Description of SPL filter packs

SPL filter packs

We can supply filter discs made of metal wire mesh in single layer or multi-layer. Double layer or three layer,Can be classified into round, square, kidney shape, oval and other special shapes according to the outside designs.

Materials Applied: Stainless steel wire mesh, wire cloth, brass wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, etc.
Disc Diameter: From 5mm to 600mm.

Applications of Filter Discs: Filter discs are mainly used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration process in petroleum, chemical, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship and automobiles to delete the mist drop or liquid foam or used as air filter in cars and trucks.

We can also process wire mesh pack filters of rectangular or square, ring type wire belt and other filter fittings according to the specific requirements of the customers

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Specification of the SPL filter packs

We process and export wire mesh discs and other filter fittings via wire mesh, different materials available.

Material: Black iron, stainless steel, brass, etc.
Fineness of wire mesh discs is from 2mesh to 400mesh
Diameter of the wire mesh discs: from 10mm to 580mm (1/8" to 22")
Form of wire mesh: cut circles, filter discs with multiple mesh layers, leaf filters, strainers and sieves or other forms.

ChuangYe is able to process wire mesh products according to customers photos, drawings or coming samples

Production And Sales of SPL filter packs

pack filters
2.disc dia.5mm-600mm
3.mesh 10 to mesh 300
4.wire dia.0.02-2.4mm

pack filter and leaf filter/Spin Pack Filter/stainless steel filter pack

Material: SUS 302 304 304L 316 316L etc
Application: It is widely used in filtering of gas and liquid, separating of oter medium, precise stress filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter, etc. And it is widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, tryre production, metallurgy, medicine and food. It also has different sizes and bears the advantages of acid-resistance, alkali-resistcance, hot-resistance, high tensile strength, wear-resistcance, etc.

1. Neat and precise, without bug.
2. Regulate and precise mesh
3. Reliable filtering precision
4. High compressive strength
5. Hot-resistance and rust-resistance
6. Wear-resistance
7. Good moulding

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