Pakcing Mesh Disc

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Category:Filter Cloth Packs
Material:stainless steel
Properties:filter disc

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Description of Pakcing Mesh Disc

Pakcing Mesh Disc

The Sintered Filter Elements are made of 5-layer sintered wire mesh laminates.This kind of filter cartridge has good capacicties such as the corrossion resistance,good air permeability,easy to back wash,high filter rating and etc


Widely used in air filter,gas sensor,filter regulator,air anti-explosion and etc.

Sintered Metal Filter Elements Details:

1.Filter Materials:SUS 316L,304

2.Filtering Rating:1-200 micron

3.Filter Media:Sintered Wire Mesh,Metal Powder

4.Shapes:Cartridge Filter, Disc Filters,Pleated Filter Elements, Filter Panel and etc.

5.Working Temperature:-200 —600°C

We could make and OEM of any Sintered Filter Elements.

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Specification of the Pakcing Mesh Disc

Pakcing Mesh Disc

1.Materials:SUS316 316L 304


3.Max Size:800*800*10mm

4.Anti-explosion Filter Disc

Production And Sales of Pakcing Mesh Disc

Our service

1.Custom design also available

2.Fastest delivery of the sample and bulk production.

3.Good quality control procedure and production line set up.

4.Expert experience on the filter  .

5.New technology is developing .

6.For more detail , welcome to contact us .

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