Working Principle of Wedge Wire Screen Tube in Radical Reactors

Catalytic reforming is an important process for improving gasoline quality and producing petrochemical raw materials. The catalytic reformer is one of the most common devices in modern petroleum refineries and petrochemical catalytic reforming joint enterprises.

There are two kinds of wedge wire screen tubes in radical reactors: scallop wedge wire screen tubes and cylindrical wedge wire screen tubes. The devices installed around the reactor are scallop wedge wire screen tubes (flat tubes). The device installed in the center of the reactor is a cylindrical wedge wire screen tube。

Catalytic reforming is an important process in the refining and petrochemical industries. In the actual catalytic reforming reaction, many unexpected situations may occur. For example, in the case of a sudden shutdown, the catalyst will move toward the scallop wedge wire screen tube where the gas is accumulated in the reactor. The scallop tube is subjected to a large external force, which may lead to instability and deformation. Therefore, we must choose high-quality wedge wire screen tubes to ensure their compressive strength, flatness, verticality, and other factors to improve the catalytic reforming effect.

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