UBO can make the most exact and durable screen surface

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UBO can make the most exact and durable screen surface,linear vibrating screen plate, radial vibration screen, screen basket, fan drum, spiral fine grid machine grid frames and grid body, Integrated hair handle grid body.

Optimization of the sieve tube and sieve tube main difference is optimization stainless steel tube used wedge wire , V type wire mesh structure. major advantage is:

1.Net gap is attainable 0.025mm

2.Installation is very convenient and easy

3. Provides high flow capacity

4. Suitable for all the kinds of reactor

5. Have stronger mechanical properties

6. Ring spacing to ensure process flow and uniform pressure drop

7. The structure includes a seal and cover plate connector

8. There is no dead zone between the filter tube, no carbon accumulation, Reduce the invalid catalyst, Because there is no dead zone, catalyst’s required amount is reduce, Actually, considerable cost savings.

Optimization of the sieve tube structure feature:

1. The blind plate section at the top of the screen can prevent the catalyst bed and the fluid short circuit.

2. The V type silk screen and the V type silk screen are separated by a sealed lateral plate, and the back of the screen and the reactor wall are separated by a back plate.

3. The gap is along the axial direction, providing a smooth surface of the silk screen.

4. The welding structure with continuous and uniform welding seam ensures the high strength of the whole column structure of the new type cylinder.

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