The Role of Wedge Wire Sieve in The Grain Industry

Wedge wire mesh screen is an indispensable production tool in the process of food production and processing. So let’s take a look at the role of wedge wire sieve in the grain industry today.

Obviously, drying and filtering are two important functions of wedge wire screens in grain operations. Now let's see one by one.

At first, when the grain is harvested and stored, there will be various impurities mixed in it, such as sand, gravel, etc. Therefore, grain filtration and screening are inevitable. Often we choose different sizes of wedge-shaped wire mesh screens (according to the size of the grain) to filter out grain impurities and ensure the cleanliness of the grain.

The second function: drying. Due to the advantageous structure of the wedge-shaped wire mesh plate, the air continuously passes through the wedge-shaped wire mesh screen to keep the grain fresh and dry quickly. Keeping ventilated and dry can prevent the growth of grain and grain bacteria.

So why are we used to using wedge wire screens instead of perforated plates to place and store food? The reasons are as follows:
1.Different from the perforated plate, the welding of each intersection of the wedge wire screen makes it able to withstand high pressure and heavy load, more wear-resistant, and longer life.
2.Wedge wire screens have a wide range of slot sizes and high opening areas.
3.The filter surface of the wedge wire sieve plate is smoother and flatter.
4.The unique structure of the wedge-shaped wire mesh sieve plate can ensure the contact between the particles and the gap, and minimize the blockage of the near-size particles.

We produce wedge wire sieve plates for grains according to customer requirements (size of sieve plate, size of the gap, etc.).Welcome to contact us.

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Wedge Wire Sieve in The Grain Industry

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