Sugarcane Juice Screens

In the past, in the process of sugarcane pressing and sugar production, the mixed juice of sugarcane contained a large amount of bagasse and sugarcane juice crushed.
In the early 1990s, most sugar companies used wedge wire screen panel or sieve bend screen to directly filter to remove broken bagasse, separate sugar cane juice, and then further filter, clarify, concentrate, boil and crystallize sugar to obtain the final product, white sugar. .

Filtering sugarcane juice directly with a wedge wire screen panel, a sugar mill screen or a sieve bend screen is a process of static screen filtration.

Once the broken bagasse is filled into the wedge screen, it is not removed or removed by itself. If it is not manually deleted, it will remain on the screen for a long time.

Most or all of the crushed bagasse will be filled into the screen, which will affect the filtering quality of the sugarcane mixed juice, and also directly affect the company's sugar production efficiency and sugarcane crushing capacity.

After 1996, the emergence of wedge wire rotating screens was directly used to filter and squeeze the mixed juice of sugarcane, and the effect was very good.

The principle that the trommel is not easy to be blocked:

The rotating drum screen is constantly rotating, so bagasse is not easy to pack on the screen.

The rolling screen is installed at an axially inclined angle, and after the screen cylinder is rolled, the juice and the crushed bagasse are separated in time.

When the broken bagasse rolls in the screen tube, it will be automatically discharged along the lower end of the screen tube and drag the broken bagasse to fill, so there is no need to manually discharge the bagasse, so the rolling screen tube is not easy to insert bagasse.

However, both ends of the drum screen drum are supported by supporting wheels to participate in rotation. Because the drum screen and its accessories have a certain weight and only rely on one end to transmit power, it is difficult to achieve synchronous start when the screen drum is rolling.

One end of the main drive starts, and the other end always lags by an angle. In normal operation, there is also a difference in the torsion angle between the main drive end and the other end.

In the long run, the screen rod of the screen drum will be continuously damaged and twisted, and slag leakage will occur in the screen drum. As a result, the sugarcane mixed juice and the bagasse of the sugarcane juice cannot be separated cleanly, which affects the quality of sugar production and the amount of squeezed sugarcane.

In view of this disadvantage, we have designed a wedge wire rotary drum screen that can alleviate this situation through a lot of research and development experiments.

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