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What is Temporary strainers?

Temporary strainers, often termed as start-up strainers, play a crucial role in safeguarding downstream components during the initial phases of piping system operation. Our stainless steel temporary strainers offer cost-effective yet robust protection for valuable filtration equipment, valves, and mechanical components. 

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Temporary Strainers Advantages:

Cost-effective and efficient straining solution.

Stable design ensures reliable performance.

Compact structural shape minimizes space requirements.

No moving parts, reducing maintenance needs.

Reusable elements for sustainable operation.

Temporary Strainers Types: 

Cone Strainer: Efficiently captures coarse debris with its conical shape.

Truncated Cone or Basket Type Strainer: Offers versatile straining capabilities for various applications.

Plate Strainer: Provides effective filtration while maintaining flow efficiency.

Temporary Strainers types

Evolution in Usage:

While originally intended for temporary or start-up purposes, temporary strainers are increasingly being left in the line during regular operation. This shift underscores their effectiveness and reliability in long-term pipeline maintenance. However, periodic maintenance remains essential to ensure continued efficiency.

Considerations for Wire Mesh:

When incorporating wire mesh into temporary strainers, several factors must be considered:

Particulate Size: Determine the size of particles to be captured.

Open Area: Balance flow restriction with desired filtration efficiency.

Service Life: Assess the expected duration of strainer usage.

Orientation: Decide whether the strainer will be installed upstream or downstream.

Stainless steel temporary strainers serve as indispensable components in safeguarding piping systems during start-up and ongoing operations. Their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability make them a preferred choice for protecting downstream equipment. With proper maintenance and consideration of wire mesh specifications, these strainers ensure optimal performance and longevity in diverse industrial applications.

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