Sintering filter with a wide range of applications

2016-08-05Tags:Sintering filter,Posted By Maria

Lead: Stainless steel wire mesh you must have seen it? We all know that the sintered filter do? This is what kind of screen it? This screen what purposes? Sintered wire mesh strainer and ordinary what difference does it make? Sintered filter mainly used in what areas? Then we use the following article to learn about the specific sintered filter it.

The sintered filter has a a lots variety, the real sintered mesh is composed of five layers of stainless steel wire mesh overlays together, formed by vacuum sintering.With this filter made of sintered filter with strong corrosion resistance, high strength. The Sinter filter cleaning is very easy, very well cleaned positive and negative, you can save a lot of unnecessary troubles.Sintered mesh strainer filter filtering than the average to be precise, the precision is high. Sintered aluminum used by the filter conditions are also health, using good quality stainless steel mesh, mesh does not occur fall off the case.

A wide range of application of sintered filter, generally used in some large industrial area in the precision of the job. Sintered filter is often used as a dispersion cooling materials used in high temperature environment, quality of the sinter Filter filters better than the average, in the operating environment of high temperature got a very good evaluation.The bed pad of liquid bed material is made of sintered filter, the filter used to have a strong atmospheric pressure distribution of the machine. In the industrial field, some precision of the machine is using the sinter filter as a high temperature filter material.Have often been used as a high pressure sintered filter backwash of wash oil filter, after sintered filter is used in oil, it oil special clean.

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