Sintered Filter Discs Application

If you're seeking accurate and reliable filtration, look no further than the sintered filter disc. Renowned for its robustness and efficiency, this high-performance filtration device is crafted through a specialized sintering process. Whether you're filtering plastic melt or other challenging materials, sintered filter media stands out for its strength and durability, making it ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

What is a Sintered Filter Disc?

A sintered powder filter disc is a top-tier metal filter disc created by combining metal or non-metal powders under heat and pressure. This process forms a solid yet porous disc that offers uniform pore structure, excellent permeability, precision filtration, and mechanical strength. These attributes make it perfect for separating, purifying, and sieving various mediums across numerous industries. Moreover, its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments ensures consistent and reliable performance over a long service life.

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Benefits of Sintering

One of the key advantages of sintering is that it maintains the uniformity of the original weave.

Additionally, sintering fixes the micron rating, shape, and hole size of the mesh, resulting in a multilayered structure that supports rigidity and high strength. 

Sintered filter discs come in various shapes, including fan-shaped, oval, square, and round, to suit different applications.

Types of Sintered Filter Discs

Sintered filter discs can be classified based on the material type, including:

Metal Mesh Filter Discs

Pleated Filter Discs

Sintered Powder Filter Discs

Among these, the stainless steel wire mesh filter disc and Sintered Powder Filter Discs are the most popular, made using stainless steel mesh.

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Sintered Disc Filters Advantages

  • Long Service Life
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Heat Resistance
  • Precision Filtration
  • Resistance to Acid, Alkali, Abrasion, and Corrosion
  • Easy to Clean

How to Choose the Right Sintered Filter Disc?

When selecting a sintered filter disc, consider the following aspects:

1. Compatibility with the Liquid: Ensure the filter disc is compatible with the liquid to avoid any adverse reactions.

2. Mesh Size and Mesh Number: The mesh size (holes present on the mesh) and mesh number (number of holes on the mesh filter) are crucial for achieving the desired filtration level.

3. Strand Diameter: The diameter of the wire strands affects the size of the mesh holes. A broader strand diameter means smaller mesh holes.

Applications of Sintered Filter Discs

Sintered filter discs are versatile and used in various industries, including:

  • Aviation
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Environmental
  • Automotive
  • Plastic
  • Food and Beverage

They are particularly effective for filtering corrosive liquids, catalyst recovery, and steam processing.

Leading Manufacturer of Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Discs

As a leading manufacturer of sintered metal filters, we produce our filter discs using high-grade materials such as food-grade 316L or 316 stainless steel. We also offer options in porous stainless steel, Monel powder, and pure nickel powder.

Applications of Stainless Steel Filter Discs

Our stainless steel filter discs are highly effective in various industrial applications:

Liquid Filtration: Ideal for filtering wine, beer, and fruit juices, ensuring pure and safe products.

Pharmaceutical Filtration: Used to filter liquids and gases in drug production, trapping bacteria and other contaminants.



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