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Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen is an automatic, self-cleaning fine screen for primary screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications as well as industrial applications such as slaughterhouses, tanneries, sugarmill, breweries and paper plants. 

wedge wire rotary drum screen

Rotary Wedge Wire Screens technology

1. Opening area

Most important technical parameters, the high opening area ensures the working efficiency of the equipment, and the flow can be increased by increasing the opening area.

2. Welding problem

Welding is the biggest problem affecting the service life of the rotary wedge wire screen.

3.The roundness of the running ring

High roundness is the most basic technical requirement of a rotary drum screen.

4.The angle of wedge wire

It can effectively cut water and improve the overall use effect of the product.


We have our own professional engineers who will customize the design of different Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen according to each industry and different equipment to ensure the normal operation of the product。

wedge wire rotary drum screen filter

We are a specialized OEM Manufacturer and Exporter of wedge wire rotary drum screen for industries.

Our products had successfully exported to many countries such as UK, US, Canada, Vietnam,India,Japan,German,Indonesia,Russia,and France etc.

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