Preparation of Sintered Porous Metal Material

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Preparation of Sintered Porous Metal material

Preparation of porous sintered metal material is generally through the following stages:

1) a porous sintered metal material structure design;

2) preparation of a porous sintered metal raw materials (high precision mesh weave bundle drawn metal fiber, high-grade metal powder preparation). Preparation of porous metal material, raw material requirements with good geometric properties, namely the metal fiber material requires the same wire diameter, length; raw material requirements of the metal powder has a very similar geometry dimensions;

3) prepare porous metal sintered composite material preparation technologies, including porous metal structure design;

4) prepare a porous sintered metal filter assembly forming material, wherein the welding involves forming medium.

Porous sintered metal filter structure generally comprises microporous support layer, operating layer (filter layer), a protective layer. In the filter filtering surface working layer generally use a reverse tapered pore structure design. This structure can be completed multi-stage filtering effect, so that foreign particles do not accumulate in too quickly to intercept surface filter, which will help improve the filter dust resistance, extended filter work cycle.

Preparation of sintered porous metal material

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