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YUBO has designed a range of mining screens that are constructed from rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire and combination (Polywedge and Polypunch) materials that have proven success in optimizing the screening process for international mining giants.

Profile Bar and resistance-welded wedge wire products are used for sizing, grading and dewatering in mining and aggregate processing applications. Our products are fully customizable to fit most applications, including capacity requirements. YUBO mining screen manufactures using high-strength stainless steel, providing high abrasion, corrosion and clogging resistance in the harshest conditions.

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Features of our Mining Screens:
1. Minimize pegging and blinding with optimized designs
2.Designed for improved wear life in tough operating conditions
3.Mining screens available in a wide range of apertures and panel thicknesses to suit any mineral application
4. Customized sizes to suit your application requirements 
5. Reduced running costs as only worn mining screen panels need to be replaced
6.Quick and simple installation, removal and change-out
YUBO commitment to research and development and to lowering the overall cost per ton processed for its clients has resulted in mining screens that are modular, cost-effective and designed to lower maintenance and downtime while ensuring even feed distribution and high drainage capacities.

Revolutionizing and innovating Mining Screens: 
Our experience and knowledge of the global mining industry has enabled it to create mining screens that are easy to install and change-out. Our commitment to lowering your downtime has resulted in an interlocking system in which only worn panels need to be replaced, and not the entire mining screen, drastically saving you time and money.

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