How to deal with the corrosion problem of stainless steel wire mesh

The stainless steel wedge wire mesh screen product is exposed to an electrochemical reaction or chemical reaction in a corrosive environment and is generally corroded.

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Mesh Screen

The weaker corrosion resistance of the surface passivation film on the stainless steel surface forms a pitting reaction due to the self-excited reaction, and pores are generated, and the chloride ions closely form a highly corrosive solution, thereby accelerating the corrosion reaction rate. There are also intergranular corrosion cracks inside the stainless steel, and all cracks destroy the passivation film on the stainless steel surface.

Therefore, the surface of the stainless steel wedge mesh must be regularly cleaned and maintained to maintain its gorgeous surface and extend its useful life.


When cleaning stainless steel surfaces, care must be taken not to cause surface scratches. Avoid using bleach and abrasive washing liquids, steel balls, grinding tools, etc. to remove the washing liquid, and wash the surface with water after washing.

The stainless steel wedge wire mesh is a very thin and strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film formed on the surface to prevent oxygen atoms from continuing to permeate and continue to oxidize to obtain corrosion resistance. Once there are external factors, the membrane is continuously destroyed, and oxygen atoms in the air or liquid are continuously separated to form loose iron oxide, and the metal surface is continuously rusted.

Many wedge wire manufacturers have reduced chromium and nickel in stainless steel for cost reasons and increased manganese content. Experts believe that stainless steel can be stainless steel because of the presence of chromium and nickel, reducing the content of these two components will reduce rust resistance.

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