How to choose stainless steel mesh baskets

Many customers have such a problem when purchasing stainless steel mesh baskets. For experienced purchasers, it's nothing, but for novices, it's not a good grasp. The selection of high-quality guardrail meshes, disinfection baskets, and mesh baskets is very important. The quality of the materials directly affects the quality and service life of the products, which is related to whether the products can be used up to the service life and quality Whether the quantity is up to the standard.
First, we need to see how the material of the fence, disinfection basket and the chosen wire or mesh basket is. The diameter and strength of stainless steel wire and iron wire directly affect the quality of the product. In terms of wire selection, we should choose the finished wire drawn from the high-quality wire rod produced by the regular manufacturer. The second is the welding or preparation process of the product, which mainly depends on the technicians and good production machinery Between skilled technology and operation ability, usually, a good product is every welding or preparation point can be well connected.
Second, we should pay attention to the selection of the framework of guardrail mesh, disinfection basket, and mesh basket. Some regular large factories use the wire thicker than the bottom or side as the casing wire, but the casing wire with different wire diameter should be chosen in different parts.
Third, the overall spray molding, polishing and galvanizing process of guardrail mesh, disinfection basket, and mesh basket. Generally speaking, the overall product should pay attention to spray molding and polishing, the uniformity of galvanizing, no leakage of plastic and even the quality of the coating.

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