How to choose filter strainer for watertreatment

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1. It is necessary to define the type of water purifier, witch exactly what You need

Domestic water filters are different both on a device and on technical  descriptions. Therefore, choosing one or another purifier, a customer must first define the necessities and co-ordinate them with the possibilities. 

Let's consider the basic classes of domestic water purifiers :

Water filter of jug type

Principle of work :

Water by gravity overflows from one capacity in other, passing here through the layer of sorbent.


Jug does not require connecting to plumbing, simple in the use, does not require control from the side of man. Good for an office, communal apartment, summer residence without plumbing.

Minuses :

Degree of cleaning, as a rule, is hardly below water purifiers connected to plumbing. The volume of the cleared water is equal to the volume of jug (from 1 to 1,7 litres are ordinary). Id est, if for soup 3 litres of water are needed,  a jug should be filled twice.

Water filter-attachment on a faucet

Principle of work : 

Purifier is put on a faucet and water passes through it under constraint.


Subzero price. Small sizes (user-friendly in journeys).


Small volume of sorbent, consequently: the subzero productivity(0,3-0,5 l/min) (if it is promised you, that water can be filtered quicker, - disbelieve, wonders are not). Necessity of the use of capacity for storage of clean water. You will have to connect and disconnect a filter, if it is unprovided a switch. However, in second case a filter constantly is on a mixer, "decorating" your kitchen.

"Water filter on washing"

Principle of work : 

Purifier is put not directly on a faucet, and is situated alongside, fastened to the faucet by a flexible hose, water passes through a filter under constraint.


Greater productivity, than at attachment on a faucet (1 - 1,5 l/min). There is not a necessity for a separate capacity for the cleared water.


Takes place on washing (however, if filter is beautiful, then this "minus" can be taken and to the "pluses"). It is needed to connect and disconnect after filtration.

Stationary water filter with a separate faucet for clean water

Principle of work : 

Purifier is stationary built in plumbing. Water filter is under a shell, and a separate faucet hatches on a shell - only for clean water.


As a rule, the degree of water treatment is higher, than at water filters of other types. Large productivity. Large resource. Separate faucet for clean water. Purifier  is located under washing and does not encumber working space.


High initial price

So, what type of water filter to choose?

If you live alone,  you fully can be satisfied with  a jug or attachment on a faucet. But if you got used to the comfort or  you simply have a big family and it is necessary  to cook much, you will estimate the comfort of stationary filter.

2. Cleaning efficiency.

Naturally, at the choice of  water filter  it is necessary to pay attention on its work, id est percent of moving away from water  different admixtures. These data can be found in a passport of water purifier.

To choose water purifier that will effectively clear water, ,it is necessary to know, from what exactly this water needs to be cleared.

When the question is about  tapwater prefiltration, it is mostly possible to talk about technogenic contamination, and it simplifies the choice. It is possible with the large stake of confidence to suppose that in a tapwater in sufficient amounts will be contained:

uncut-in admixtures (sand, particles of  iron iron oxyhydroxide (simply blights));

organic substances (phenols, chlororganic, pesticides, oil products);

inorganic permeates, mainly salts of metals (lead, copper, zinc);

and, certainly, a cut-in chlorine is inalienable part of municipal chlorinated water Consequently, to clean water from all these admixtures, in water purifier there must be a mechanical filter, carbon sorbent and ionic material.

3.What materials must water purifier be made from?

Water filter contacts with a drinking-water and must be made from "food" materials. If you have doubts on this occasion, try simply to smell the plastic details of filter. This method is especially effective for jugs. A jug must not smell anything.

If the question is about water purifier with a separate faucet, whitch is connected to plumbing stationary and constantly is under constraint, it is needed to pay attention to durability

 descriptions of materials  the corps  is made from. For example, if a plastic corps has beautiful "speckled painting" on a manner one of one hundred dalmatines, it is necessary to mean that it is, probably, not designer pretentious novelties, but recyclate of plastic with all effluent in direct and portable sense consequences. For the production of modern water purifier "conscientious" producers use the so-called flowed plastics. Durability of such materials on an order is higher than ordinary plastic. Indeed, a bit higher is a price.

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