How to Clean Metal Sintered Filter Element

The metal sintered filter element can be applied to the online purification of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil for large-scale key equipment in harsh working conditions. Such as petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, mining, and other industries. Therefore the cleaning work of the metal sintered filter element seems particularly important. How to clean metal sintered filter elements? Introduced below.

How to clean metal sintered filter element:
1.For alkaline use, soak in <5% 99.9% NaOH solution for 30-60 minutes at a temperature of about 40 degrees. After soaking, use filtered deionized water or water for injection to rinse inside and out to neutrality.
2.In principle, acidic media, especially strong acids (such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, etc.) should not be used. Please use citric acid if it is necessary to use pickling, and it must be cleaned with steam back after use.
3.The filter element is handled with care, and the surface collision will cause the filter hole to be closed and affect the filter flow rate of the filter element.
4.Due to the poor ion corrosion resistance of the filter element, in particular, iron buckets cannot be used to soak the filter element.
5.Cleaning workers should not take the filter element with dirty gloves to avoid corrosion of the filter element, it is best to wear new rubber gloves to operate.
6.The filter element needs to be cleaned online at the end of each filtration to prevent materials from accumulating on the surface and affecting the next use.

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