Filter in a Pharmaceutical Process

Whether the product is a liquid or solid dose product, it can be contaminated by impurities in the gas, compressed air, steam, and liquid used in the process in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Contaminants may include moisture, oil, debris, and microbes.

So the filtration step needs to be done in the pharmaceutical process, especially filtration in the following areas, which is more important.

Filter in a Pharmaceutical Process

1. Utility Room

Start filtration in the utility and storage area; here, your facility brings in municipal or well water, generates steam, and makes or stores compressed air and nitrogen. Plan to use pre-filtration on each of these “utilities” before it enters your process. Pre-filtration here improves the efficiency and longevity of your finer filters downstream.

At this stage, a wedge wire filter can be used, which has a good backwashing effect, and the filter value can be customized according to the size of the filter medium.

2. Formulation Tanks

The area where active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are formulated and stored should be another focus of filtration. Steel tanks can be a breeding ground for bacteria introduced by personnel and ambient air.

At this stage, a sintered metal filter or a powder sintered filter can be used, which has a finer filtration accuracy and is suitable for gas filtration。

3. Intermediate Fill Area

Wherever you introduce a new substance into your process, new opportunities for contamination occur. This includes the intermediate fill area, where APIs are mixed with other ingredients such as coatings or binding agents to formulate the final product.

At this stage, a wedge wire screen or the sintered filter can be chosen, and you can customize the filter element as the application requires.

Every processing facility is different and poses unique questions about filtration: What's the right micron size and filter efficiency at a certain location? How many CIP and SIP sterilization cycles can an element tolerate? What are the differences among various filter media?

A reputable filtration company will know the answers. Working with you, we will help formulate a filter filtration plan that protects your product and process in the most cost-effective way. Welcome to contact us now.

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