Filter by properties and which sectors are divided into categories

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Filter by properties and which sectors are divided into categories?

According to Performance Category

Line Filter

Duplex filters

High pressure filter

The above said strainer should be, in fact, there are many filters, such as

laminated filters, sand filters, carbon filters, and so on, the main principle is the use of filter media pore size smaller thanthe media retention aperture substances, Of course, some also have adsorption filter media and other special effects. Most filter backwash is not so troublesome, just the reverse with water imported from one end of the filter backwash water filter media backwash can achieve very good results.According to industry classification

Hydraulic oil filter: mainly used in oil filtration industry, including oil filter, oil filter return, line filter and so on.

Food filter: Dust filters, air filters, junior high efficiency filters.

Medicine filters: liquid filters, breathing filters, blood filters, a bacterial filter.

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