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How to properly use a different filter method

Cartridge filter is made of good filtering properties textile fiber yarns precision wound on the porous skeleton.Its yarn material polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, cotton fiber etc.By controlling yarn twining of tightness and dilute density,can be made into various precision filters element,they can effectively remove all kinds of liquid suspended solids, particles impurities etc,for various liquids have a higher purifying effect.Bulk type activated carbon cartridge Filter will need to activated carbon particle load in special plastic housing,Used welding equipment will end caps welding at both ends of shell aspect,both ends of shell aspect, Were placed in filtering effect non-woven fabric filter sheet,Ensure carbon core won”t fall in carbon powder and black water in use.,UBO is specialized in producing and distributing filter, filter element,polymeric filter,filter strainer,wedge wire screen etc. Welcome to contact us for more information and cooperation.0086-0311-83289301

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