what is the method of building a Gate for a Wire Mesh Fence?

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If you need to fence in an area for a garden or a small animal enclosure, an inexpensive and easy-to-build wire mesh fence may be your best option. You can purchase a gate for your wire fence, but with a little work you can also save some money by building your own. The gate is essentially a braced rectangle with the wire mesh attached over it.

1 Measure the opening between the gate posts to figure out how wide and high the gate should be, using the measuring tape. Make the width of the gate about an inch less that the width of the opening to allow the gate to move freely.

2 Cut a two-by-four into two pieces equal to the width of the fence, using a saw. Also cut two pieces equal to three inches less than the height of the gate.

3 Position the four pieces of wood into a rectangle, or square, depending on the dimensions of your gate. Place the open pads of the corner clamp over two adjacent boards. Turn the handles on the corner clamp to close the pads and hold the boards at a perfect right angle. Drill two three-inch wood screws into the boards to hold the together. Repeat the process for each corner.

4 Measure the distance between the two vertical boards on the gate frame that you just made. Cut a length of 2x4 equal to this measurement. Place this board directly in the middle of the frame so that the ends of the board are butting against the sides of the frame. Drill 3-inch wood screws into this support board from outside of the vertical gate boards.

5 Measure the two distances between the center brace and the top and bottom of the gate frame. Cut two pieces of two-by-four equal to the length of each measurement. Install these two pieces in between the center brace and the gate frame. The second vertical brace will have to be screwed into the center brace at an angle. You have a gate frame with a brace that looks like a plus sign.

6 Cut a piece of wire mesh, using the wire cutters, to the exact dimensions of the gate frame. Place the mesh over the frame and staple the fabric to the wood. Install staples at least every six inches.

7 Screw metal hinges into the side of the gate, using a screwdriver. The number and placement of the screws will depend on the type of hinge you use. Align the hinge so that the hinge pin is extended an inch or two off of the fence, to allow the fence to open and close properly.

8 Screw the other half of the hinge into the fence post. If the posts have recently been set, use wooden blocks under the gate to keep pressure off the gate post for at least 48 hours after the concrete has been set. If you desire, attach a latch mechanism once the gate is finished.

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