wedge wire

Screen Mesh

Wedge Wire is a durable and versatile product available in a range of sizes. Used for Filtration, Grating, Sieve Bends, Trommel Drums. Wedge Wire is used for both solid and liquid filtration. We specialise in manufacturing to your specifications for all project and industry needs.

Filtration Efficiencies

Wedge Wire Screens are designed to allow silt or waste to filter through while catching targeted or profitable materials. Wedge Wire Screens can be made to your specifications. We offer clients apertures ranging from 0.1 mm right up to and over 10 mm. We also have a large variety of different wire profiles and shaped support rods to suit every application.


Manufacturing Process

The strength and durability of Wedge Wire comes from the manufacturing process. Wire is continually rolled around the support rods of various shapes pending the purpose and then resistance welded. With every connection of wire to rod being individually welded, our Wedge Wire does not buckle under load.

For heavy Industry we utilise 304 or 316 grade stainless steel and wire is available in a wide range of sizes.

Stainless Steel is the ultimate construction material - a great investment, resilient, attractive, corrosion free and low maintenance.

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