stainless steel filter main feature

2019-02-21Tags:stainless steel filter,Posted By zhaozhao

 The main features of the stainless steel filter
   Stainless steel filter main features: general made of tubular material with high strength,without increasing the support structure,because it is a plate punching and then roll round pieces welded together, so absolutely no loss of material,widely used temperature range,high temperature reach 1200 degrees,by having all the characteristics of a stainless steel filter,not damaged,corrosion resistance,long life,easy to wear,easy to clean stainless steel filter for filtering accuracy and long service life(μm)2,5,10,20,40,75,100,150,200 .The product dimensions can be produced and designed according to the actual use conditions of customers.products are mainly used for polyester,oil,chemical,pharmaceutical,water and gas filtration,oil filter can be used to purify solid-liquid,screening and other industries.


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