Wire Mesh Guards Series

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Wire Bird Screens
Preventing Birds and Small Animals (usually Vermin) from accessing Plant or Premises can be especially important within many industries such as Food processing or Water Treatment plant. We manufacture a wide range of Wire Mesh Screens and Wire Mesh Guards designed especially to eradicate this particular nuisance.

Wire Window Screens & Grilles
Protection for windows where observation through the window is crucial is where Wire Window Security Grilles come into their own.

Wire Floor Grilles
Always made to bespoke designs these Wire Floor Grilles can be effective sturdy covers for access, whilst giving light and ventilation to areas that require maximum visibility and immediate access

Wire Mesh Radiator Covers
Meet all the known Health and Safety requirements with or Wire Mesh Radiator Covers. Especially recommended for use in establishments that care for the vulnerable and infirm, such as Schools, Children’s Nurseries, homes for the Elderly or the less able.

Wire Mesh Machine Guards
Our Wiremen/Engineers are fully conversant with the current HSE Machinery Guarding requirements and have a comprehensive knowledge through many years experience of how to design and apply guarding solutions to most machinery and moving parts.

Wire Mesh Lockers
Wire Mesh Lockers are ideal for most applications and offer excellent ventilation and high visual security. In addition Wire Mesh Lockers are ideal for drying wet clothing in construction environments.

Wire Mesh CCTV Camera Guards
An effective solution to vandalism and structural damage and have proved a cost effective measure in protecting valuable security optical equipment, Smoke and Heat sensors and detectors. Wire Mesh Camera Guards can be for wallmounted or free standing stanchion or mast fixings.

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