Why are Wire Mesh Partitions Popular?

2019-02-13Tags:Wire Mesh Partitions,Posted By zhaozhao

Why are Wire Mesh Partitions Popular?
Nowadays wire mesh partitions have virtually replaced chain link fencing as the security barrier of choice. They are widely used as both temporary and permanent fencing around residential, commercial and government buildings. There are several reasons for this preference.

1. Wire mesh partitions are architecturally pleasing
Fencing and gates are considered as an extension of the main building. With their typical square or rectangular shape, wire mesh partitions go well with many aspects of the building's architecture, such as the tiles, bricks and windows. Therefore, they are generally seen as more architecturally pleasing than other fencing alternatives.

2. Wire mesh partitions offer better security.
New terrorist threats have placed a heavy emphasis on better security. Thanks to its all-welded construction and tubular design, wire mesh partitions have a very high strength and rigidity when compared to traditional wire partitions.

The problem with chain link fences is that they provide very little "delay factor". In other words, depending on how they are attacked, someone using bolt cutters can breach a chain link fence in as little as 20 seconds. To breach a wire partition panel, it would take more than bolt cutters.

3. Wire partitions are more versatile.
The modularity of wire mesh partitions makes it easier to install than chain link fencing. Chain link needs to be stretched in opposite directions to be properly installed. Because of this, in some cases it's very difficult to fill small but important gaps. A welded wire mesh partition panel is much easier to cut and shape, which makes it the right fencing to use in tight spaces around buildings and other constraints.

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