Why Choosing Wedge Wire Trommel Screens

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Why choosing Wedge Wire Trommel Screens

Wedge wire trommel screens are highly efficient cylindrical rotating wedge wire screens applied to separate solids from liquids or solids from solids. Wedge Wire Trommel Screen works on the same principle as other rotary screens. Material such as aggregates, chemicals or food is fed into the drum where the centrifuge rotating action forces particles smaller than the slot size through the screen. Particles that are too large to pass through the slots continue through the drum before falling out into the discharge area. The wedge wire’s unique shape is designed to provide large, open areas that allow material to flow through quickly. Pegging and blinding is reduced, while screening remains accurate and fast, whether you’re screening solids from solids or solids from liquids.

Wedge Wire Trommel Screens are Ideal for Many Industries

• Sugar industry 

• Fruit processing industry 

• Mineral processing 

• Sewerage treatment 

• Fertilizer processing 

• Abattoirs

Key Features and Benefits of Wedge Wire Trommel Screens

-- Solid stainless steel. 

-- Higher flow capacities. 

-- Lower capital cost and maintenance. 

-- Highly durable, with very long working life

-- Reduced pegging and blinding 

-- Efficient screening of a range of materials

-- Cost effective, with low maintenance

-- Custom designed to your application

UBO rotating screen is a mechanical self-cleaning device which was produced to meet the growing requirement for an efficient and economical way of removing suspended solids from mixed liquid streams.


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