Whether hydraulic filter can withstand high temperatures

2015-03-02Tags:hydraulic filter,Posted By zhaozhao

Hydraulic filter in the hydraulic system applications, the system is applied to filter out particles of debris and rubber impurities to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic filter characteristics:

1, sub-section with a high-pressure, medium pressure section with back and absorbing segment by segment with use.

2, sub-grade high school low accuracy for high-precision 5um, 15um for medium accuracy, 25um low accuracy.

3, for the compression filter finished dimensions, increased filtration area, generally folded corrugated filter layer portion, hydraulic filter pleating height generally below 20 °

4, hydraulic filter to withstand pressure is generally 0.35--0.4MPa, but individual special filters, required to withstand a pressure differential, the maximum required to withstand 32MPa, 42MPa or equivalent system pressure.

5, the maximum temperature, and some require reach 135 ℃.

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