What are the daily uses of wire products

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Wire Products for Daily Use
Wire mesh can be fabricated into a large amount of wire products and articles for daily and industrial uses. Major wire fabrics involved include welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh. The finished wire products include wire baskets, animal cages, live traps, containers, shelves, railings, racks, grills, partitions, etc.

1. Flower Stand

   Galvanized iron wire flower stands or stainless steel.


2. Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

    For feeding of birds

3. Wire Mesh Containers

   Foldable containers or fixed containers. Made of welded or woven wire fabrics. 


4. Wire Mesh Tea Strainers

   Stainless steel strainers for filtering of tea waste.


5. Metal Wire Sink Strainers

  For sinking in the kitchen or other sites.


6. Wire Mesh Skimmers

For skimming in the kitchen. Made of stainless steel wire or galvanized steel wire.




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