What are Gabions

2009-05-27Tags:gabions,gabion box,gabion containers,Posted By zhaozhao

Gabions are wire mesh boxes, containers or baskets filled with rock to prevent soil erosion and to retain/contain soil particles. They reduce water velocities and re-capture river bed sediment in streams. Flat Gabions, called River or Reno Mattresses are used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a wide flat area and a large area needs to be protected against soil loss/scour.

Time has progressed and engineering has improved since these first reed-bound gabions were used. Now gabions are made from galvanised steel wire formed into mesh panels that are then fixed together to create a cage or box-like structure. These structures alone are immensely strong but can then be made stronger by being filled with large granular material such as rock, slate, granite or stone. They can then be linked or configured together in a variety of ways to form a fixed wall or barrier.

Gabions are a niche product used in the construction industry for earth retention and land reinforcement. You are most likely to see them retaining the sloped banks of earth next to motorways.
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