Welded Wire Mesh Glossary

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Welded Wire Mesh Glossary

DIMENSIONS – Linear measurements, other than wire spacing included in the style designation, are as follows:

WIDTH = Center to center distance between outside longitudinal wires.

SIDE OVERHANG = Extension of transverse wire beyond centerline of outside longitudinal wires.  When specific lengths of side overhang are needed, the length required on each side shall be given in inches.  [Example:  (+1” +3”) means 1” overhang on one side, 3” on the other.]

OVERALL WIDTH = Width plus side overhangs.  In other words, tip-to-tip of transverse wires.

LENGTH = Tip-to-tip dimension of longitudinal wires.  The length dimensions always include end overhangs.

END OVERHANGS = Extension of longitudinal wires beyond centerline of outside transverse wires.  Standard end overhangs are a dimension equal to ½ the transverse wire spacing.  Unless otherwise noted, standard end overhangs are assumed to be required and no end overhang dimensions need be specified.
Style – Spacings and sizes of wire in standard welded wire fabric are identified by “style”.  A typical designation is 6 x 12 – W16 x W8.  This denotes a welded wire fabric in which:  Spacing of longitudinal wires = 6”.  Spacing of transverse wires = 12”.  Size of longitudinal wires = W16 (0.16 sq. in.).  Size of transverse wire = W8 (0.08 sq. in.).

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