Wedge wire screen - filtration for oil well and quarry screening

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Wedge wire screen - filtration for oil well and quarry screening

Wedge wire is known as profile wire screen, V- wire screen, and wedge wire screen. It is created by wrapping a V- shaped profile wire cylindrical around longitudinal placed support rods. Each intersection of the profiles wire and support rod is well welded. It has a smooth surface, resistant to clogging and a greater structural strength. Welded wedge wire screen is the most advanced product of modern technology used in many industries for screening, filtration, dewatering, drying and cleaning. The numerous combinations of profile wires and support rods, and the wide range of apertures between the wires and rods allows us to design a screen according your required specification.

Stainless steel wedge wire screens in flat shape and cylindrical shapeWedge wire screens are mainly in the following shapes: cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, flat panel, tubes and baskets, conical, arc filters or other more complex shapes. Depending on different design, the filtration direction can be from outside to inside, or from inside to outside. There are another designed screen - supporting rod wires are arranged vertically while the profiled wires spirally wound on the outer surface of the structure support wires.

YUBO as the professional wedge wire designer and manufacturer offers a wide range of premium wedge wire screen products, which can significantly reduce the costs of cleaning filters, such as waters well screens, welded wedge wire screen, flat wedge screen panel, wedge wire filtration elements, candle filter, slot screen separator, wire-wrapped of stainless steel pipe, vibrating sieve screen, v-wire screen, sieve bend screen, screen support grids, and wedge wire for mine.

Our wedge wire materials are available in varnished low carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel AISI 304, 321, 316, 316L. Other materials available upon request. All above materials offers chemical and thermal resistance and high temperatures and pressures.

YUBO wedge wire screen profile wire length is up to 3000mm, and support rod wire length up to 5000mm. Standard spacing between the support rods are 25, 50, 75,100 up to 300mm and more. Slot opening width in highly accurate can be from 0.025mm to 20.0mm, and we ensures slot opening width tight dimensional tolerances to ± 0.015mm.

Wedge wire screen has a number of advantages as below:

Smooth surface, low hydraulic resistance, high filtration accuracy, never clogging;
High mechanical strength, high corrosion resistance, acid-resistant, heat-resistant;
Guaranteed size of the slot tight tolerance to ±0.015mm;
Filtration direction can be outside to inside or inside to outside;
High capacity filter surface, effective backwashing, and long trouble-free life.

Made from V shaped profile wire and welded by an unique welding process, wedge wire screens have great strength, precision and long service life. The features make it attractive solutions for cleaning, filtering, sifting or fractionation, dehydration liquid and granular media. They are widely used in liquid filtration processes in the food, chemical, petrochemical, paper, liquid, gas and solid separation, sizing, dewatering and sifting in oil wells, water wells, waste/process water treatment, quarry screening, mine sifting and other industrial screening.

With extensive experience in the design and manufacture, and strictly test and inspection form material to final products. Our entire team is aimed at the maximum satisfaction of our customers needs in the wedge wire and high quality products delivered. For more information, please email us

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