Wedge Wire Water Treatment Clarification

Effective and economic effluent treatment is the key element to successful, compliant waste management. UBO company have developed a wealth of design and manufacturing experience to offer bespoke Wedge Wire solutions for water treatment and clarification, achieving high levels of suspended solids reduction for industrial and municipal applications.

  • Hydro Screens
  • Rainwater Harvest Screens
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Granular Activated Carbon
  • Passive Water Intake Screens
  • Raw Sewage Inlet Screens
  • Compaction Cylinders
  • Sea Water Intake Screens
  • Storm Overflow Screens
  • Intake Screens – in many different forms

Wedge Wire Water Treatment Clarification Image Gallery 


More Wedge Wire Water Treatment Clarification Applications

Other typical applications for Wedge Wire Water Treatment Clarification applications include:
Well Screens, Settling Tank Clarifier’s, Sludge Screens and Storm Over-flow Screens.

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