Types of Metal Conveyor Belt

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Plain chain belt

This is the most simple, the cheapest form of metal belt, but only for the short version of printing and light load due to stretching and shrinking trend. Purpose: the coal mine hoisting safety curtain collapsible curtain for hoisting equipment

Rod steel chain belt

If the chain belt, but the requirement, and then, with enhanced strength method to this purpose through the crossrods through the helical coil and fitting in with the chain sprocket drive.

Purpose: cooling bread and washing vegetables.


Double phase variation of steel chain lever belt or balanced spiral belt, and greatly improve the strength and the extra harvest thick smooth surface.

Purpose: to carry small items and delicate or polishing surface can be damaged or sign a more open grid. Used for brazing furnace.

Circular coil

Can be used as a conveyor belt but are more often used for decorative purposes

Purpose: bottle washing and fireplace curtains.

Spiral belt balance

Spiral belt balance are the most widely used all our belts are suitable for a wide range of applications. Construction of minimal contact belt conveyor; resist is stretched and contracted to have longer service life, real operation; to allow free air temperature tolerance.

Purpose: washing, drying baking or heating and cooling operation. Is dedicated to the application of glass annealing.

Flat spiral belt

Close the net surface smooth flat spiral belt makes it suitable for general transport great essence ( good drainage is not required. Its high strength makes it particularly suitable for high temperature operation.

Purpose: lateral distributing, soil preparation, feeding for industrial furnaces.

Wire connection

Construction belt line connecting wire of individuals may be mounted on a drive crossrods side chain and sprocket. The size of the hole can be changed through the fitting washer or spacing of the debris. The construction is convenient for cleaning, is actually not jam and has smooth specious writing, or even top to allow freedom of movement.

Application: the treatment tank, cans, bottles and cans of food industry. Cool the cake, bread, candy, cookies, chocolate. Delivery of glass fibers or other insulating material. Drying tunnel pottery industry. All types of base in frozen food industry

Cordweave - closed mesh belt

The belt is composed of very close mesh and smooth surface, making them ideal with very fine or small articles, particularly applicable to support unstable articles.

Purpose: biscuits, food, chemical, glass, electrical components, continuous baking placed directly on the conveyor belt.

Honeycomb -- flat belt

Honeycomb with a large open area has been shown to be a very popular place in the food processing industry greatly to improve sanitation standard. However, it can be used in any application to stability and good drainage or air flow is a requirement, particularly applicable to the attic conveyor in high places is limited.

Use: drying, washing, heating and cooling, drying and sterilization while in transit


A simple and cheap ladder is most suitable for loading large volume in a narrow conveyor and its design so that a positive direct drive crossrods. If the project is small, to convey a chain and belt can be attached.

Application: widely used mainly in the bakery and confectionery industry

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