Type of weaves of wire cloth

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                               TYPES OF WEAVES

Plain Weave
The simplest form of weave and the one most commonly used. Each shute wire passes alternately over and under the warp wires at right angles.

Twilled Weave
Used where heavier wires are needed to produce a square opening in a fine mesh. Each shute wire passes alternately over two warp wires and under two warp wires. By staggering the interlacing, a diagonal pattern is produced.

Plain Filter Cloth
Plain Filter Cloth or "Dutch" Weave is identical in structure to plain weave. The differences are that the warp wires are heavier and the lighter shute wires are crimped and tight against the warp wires, resulting in a small triangular opening.

Twilled Filter Cloth
Twilled Filter Cloth or Twilled "Dutch" Weave is the same as plain filter cloth except for the wire sizes and in overlapping the shute. This allows twice the number of wires per inch.
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